Fotogirl (fotogirl) wrote in patisserie,

PMS Sundae.

Hello everyone!

I found this online. It's called the PMS Sundae :))))
Here is the recipe:
Chocolate ice cream, a lot of hot fudge, plus chocolate chips, cookie dough, brownie pieces, whipped crean and a cherry on top.

BTW, It's not often that an ice cream sundae makes it to the prime time evening news, so here is your opportunity to help make it happen. The CBS Evening News is giving all of us three choices of what feature "Assignment America" reporter Steve Hartman should cover next. One choice, the debate between Ithaca, New York, and Two Rivers, Wisconsin, over which city originated the Ice Cream Sundae, is, in my opinion, a story worth voting for. I hope you agree.

Take a look, and cast your vote here:

Voting ends at 2 p.m. (E.S.T.) on Monday, August 14th, so please register your vote now.


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