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i'm new!

hello! i'm new here, and i had a quick question to ask all of you. i love all kinds of baking, but i decided i'd try my hand at some chocolate making.  i used a mold, and made little chocolate shells, and i wanted to put a small scoop of peanut butter in the center. i used a recipe for truffle filling, mixing butter with the peanut butter. 

i wanted to really use a quality peanut butter, so i bought one from an independent label from my local high end grocery store. the peanut butter tastes amazing- very rich and nutty. the problem is, the peanut butter keeps separating! and the centers of the cups are going soft and separating in the little cups- i have chocolate shards as a garnish, and they are kind of falling to the side.

is there a better peanut butter to use so that it will keep it's shape? should i have just tossed out all the extra oil instead of incorporating it into my mix? 

any advice would be much appreciated- thank you!

 eta: would this work piped in the centers as well? i want to give some "halloween candy" to my boss :].
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