Ben Ostrowsky (sylvar) wrote in patisserie,
Ben Ostrowsky

Fudge gone wrong

Hi! I made coffee fudge from the Pope School book yesterday afternoon, but with a wonky thermometer. I fell back on old-school testing but overcooked it to a firm-ball stage because I didn't know how to DO old-school testing. When it cooled on the marble, I found it was actually coffee caramel, so I rolled it up in wax paper to chill in the fridge for an hour before slicing it and wrapping the pieces. (I omitted the butter and vanilla, since it was no longer fudge.)

This morning I found that it (or some of it, at least) fell apart in my mouth with a granular feel, which it hadn't done last night.

Why? And do y'all prefer digital thermometers to old-school? Again, why?
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