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Pictures at last!!

PHEEEW! I finally organized and uploaded all my food pictures!! So I thought I'd share.
These are things I made in my Pastry class.
Napoleon 2
Napoleon 3

I worked with 2 other people on this final project. Sadly I did not make the floor tiles in the Bakery or the the cakes and tables inside. I 'laid' the stone walkway outside and did the decorating of the outside of the building as well as the bunny and bench and such on the outside.
Front Right
Snow bunny
Store Front
Bakers Rack
Work Bench
Display Table
Left Side & Tree
This last one the Chef made the Gingerbread struckture and I decorated it so we could have it in time for display. Unforntunatly I didn't get a picture of it for a week after it was on display and some of the frosting decorations had dried and fallen off.
Mantle Clock
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