sort_sol (sort_sol) wrote in patisserie,

I love my Paco Jet

Has anyone tried using their Paco for other things than just ice cream or sorbet?  I make all my nut pastes from scratch using the PacoJet.  

For dark nuts (hazelnut and pecan, etc) I make  hard caramel from sugar and mix in the crushed nuts before freezing the whole mess in a paco canister.  

For lighter nuts (Pistacchio and almond) I cook sugar and water into a thick syrup without letting it brown, and then freeze with the nuts blended in.  

It helps a lot to drive the nuts in a food processor before freezing in sugar, then you only have to run the cans through the paco jet two or three times to get an absolutely smooth nut paste.  Another trick is to stir the paste all the way to the bottom of the can after each run, as you will notice the blades often miss the last few millimeters.  Also, I recommend running a thorough cleaning cycle after each time you make nut paste, as the sugar can gunk up the machine rather easily.  

Does anyone have any other recommendations for things to make in the paco?
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